The attorneys at Roberts & Roberts, PLLC understand that today’s fast paced ever changing business environment is fraught with complex issues that transcend both traditional markets and borders. We also understand that in order to stay competitive and thrive in this environment our clients need to stay lean and adaptable, and we have incorporated these strategies in our own practice to better serve our clients. We are able to provide proactive and highly responsive advice and solutions that are customized for our client’s business needs, through our knowledge and understanding of our client’s industries, experiences, and objectives. Our business and commercial law practice includes representation in the following areas: Employment Contracts; Independent Contractor Agreements; Sales Contracts; Marketing Agreements; Arbitration Agreements; Non-compete Agreements; Confidentiality Agreements; Severance Agreements; Licensing Agreements; Agency Agreements; Disclaimers; Warranties; Consulting Agreements; Demand Letters; General Services Contracts; Bill Collection; TABC Compliance; TABC filings; etc.

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